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Cast A Wide Net – An Outdoor Survival Skills Class

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H.B. Thanks Kelly Slater

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Winning 10 world surf titles Huntington Beach, CA celebrates his accomplishments.  Here’s some photo’s of the event!


























$20 – Fishing trip: Take him on a Half Day Fishing Trip including Bait ($40 value)

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$20 - Fishing for the Best Fathers Day Gift Ever? Take him on a Half Day Fishing Trip including Bait ($40 value)
$20 – Fishing for the Best Fathers Day Gift Ever? Take him on a Half Day Fishing Trip including Bait ($40 value)












Gladiator Rock n Run

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Here’s are some pictures of the insane / fun workouts “Flipflopsneeded and me ( RunnersHigh ) accomplish this past weekend.

Dan “Nitro” Clark hosted the “Gladiator” workouts in Innovative Results gym located in Costa Mesa.


Hosted by Nitro

Innovative Results gym in costa mesa

Gladiator workout

Great Gym at Innovative Results , Costa Mesa










Before The Storm

Our Group Stage 1 out of 5

Outside Innovative Result Gym

RunnersHigh showing off









Flipsflopsneeded attempthing

"how not to..." I hear Flipflopsneeded saying

Tire and push exercise

push up and smiles all the way for RunnersHigh









Tire Exercise

Exercise knife fight at Innovative Results

Our Group of 10









Flipflopsneeded needed taking a break with fellow group member.

Team member taking a break with Flipflopsneeded










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Ragnar Start of the race in Huntington Beach, CA

What exactly is Ragnar you ask?  As defined by the website, it is “you and 11 of your closest friends running 200(ish) miles, day and night, relay-style, through some of the most scenic terrain North America could muster.  Add in crazy runners, inside jokes and a mild case of sleep deprivation.  The result?  Some call it a slumber party without sleep, pillows, or deodorant.  We call it a Ragnar Relay.”

When my friends first approached me with the idea, I thought there is no way I can run 20 miles in the span of 24 hours.  The cool thing about Ragnar is you don’t have to be an elite marathoner runner in order to participate.  The team just has to average 11 minute miles and the shorter distances are only about 14 miles over 3 legs.  This may sound like a lot, but with a little training it is very manageable.  There were even a couple of teams from the hit tv show The Biggest Loser who finished.  The longest distance is 25.2 miles over 3 legs, including some challenging uphill runs.  Our team captain graciously volunteered to run these legs.

Costumes or Rave?

Last Friday, our team “We Don’t Run For Fun” met up in downtown Huntington Beach at the start line in downtown Huntington Beach ready to embark on a 200.8 mile relay run down to Coronado Island in San Diego.  Right away you could tell we were Ragnar rookies.  We did not get the memo that you are supposed to dress up in outrageous costumes and decorate your vans.  We saw teams dressed in speedos, tutus, animal costumes, and boxer shorts.  I am not going to lie though, I was happy to be dressed comfortably.


My first leg started off at Centennial Park in Santa and was 5.3 miles along to the river trail to Angel Stadium.  The weather would have been perfect had we stayed at the beach, but temperatures in the 80s and 90s were not ideal for running.  With Angel Stadium in my sights, I headed toward the exchange where I was to pass off the slap bracelet to my teammate.  However, when I arrived all I saw was a guy from another team dressed only in a tutu.  “Did they forget about you too?” he asked.  I replied, “Apparently so.  You too too haha?”  Thankfully my ride showed up 15 minutes later.  They had been stuck in traffic.


As our 6th runner was finishing, we headed to Corona to meet up with our other van of 6 runners.  Their task was to run 38.2 miles from Corona to Lake Elsinore.  Not an easy task considering temperatures were now in the 90’s and they would have to climb nearly 3,000 feet.  All of us in van #1 felt very fortunate to be done at least until the evening.  We made a pit stop at Togo’s to get some much needed food and drinks.    Next stop was Target for some of the essentials.  We bought some Champagne for the post-run celebration as well as some crayons to decorate up the vans.  We had been ridiculed earlier by another team for having plain vans so we had to show them what was up.

Yes they can...

After a few wrong turns(and by a few I mean a lot), we made up it to exchange #12.  The guys were driving and navigating at the time, but luckily the ladies were there to get us back on track.  We met up with Van #2 where we would now take over and run 34.9 miles from Wildomar to Temecula.  We started around 8 in the evening, so temperatures had cooled downed considerably by this point.  It was now dark which meant that we would have to run with a headlamp, reflective vest, and flashing light on our backs.  On our way to pick up our first runner, we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for what seemed like miles.  We saw flashing lights ahead, so figured there must be an accident.  As we got closer, we discovered that it was a DUI checkpoint.  Although none of us had had a sip of alcohol, I am sure we may have looked intoxicated due to dehydration and lack of sleep.  Luckily, the officer recognized we were part of the relay and smiled and waved us on through.

Before my run I noticed a sign that said, “Caution Wilderness Area-Mountain Lions, Bob Cats, Snakes, Coyotes-Report All Sightings To The Manager.”  I thought to myself this is not the way I want to go.  Needless to say I think I ran faster than I ever have before.  Our teammates definitely had some challenging runs this time around.  Runner #2 had to run 9.3 miles, some of which was through nearly pitch black darkness.  Runner #4 had to run through downtown Temecula.  Although very scenic, he had to weave in and out of people who were a little tipsy from wine tasting.  One person stopped to ask him, “Why are you running?”  Runner #5 had to run 6.6 miles on a dirt trail through the mountains with no van support.  A lot of this was in the pitch dark and uphill.  Runner #6 had to run 5.4 on a narrow shoulder of Highway 395 on a sharp decline as cars whizzed by.

Warning Sign

Van 2 would now take over and run 28.8 miles from Fallbrook to Carlsbad.  Not only did they have to run in the extreme heat earlier, but now had to run from the hours of 1 to 6 in the morning on little or no sleep.  Our van headed to Carlsbad where we would try to get some sleep before running again in the morning.  We arrived at the TaylorMade corporate office at about 3 in the morning.  I walked over to the driving range where I saw hundreds of  runners asleep on the driving range.  All 6 of us opted to try and sleep in a cramped minivan, but this was nearly impossible.  I attempted to sleep in the drivers seat hunched over the steering wheel.  I finally fell asleep at about 4:30 for about a half hour before I was awoken by my friend’s alarm, as she was scheduled to run shortly.   We awoke to fogged up windows and the aroma of a locker room.

It was now time for us to run 32 miles from Carlsbad to La Jolla with an elevation gain of nearly 2,300 feet.  Runner #1 took off around 6 A.M. just as the sun was beginning to rise.  The timing couldn’t have been better since we would run along some of the most beautiful stretches of coast in all of southern California.  My run was 5.7 miles through Encinitas to Cardiff by the Sea.  As I ran through downtown Encinitas, I must have run by 20 different breakfast spots.  I was tempted to stop for a quick breakfast burrito, but I knew my teammates were waiting.  I continued on to PCH where I ran along the cliffs and saw dozens of surfers catching waves down below.  This was a welcome distraction because it made me temporarily forget how tired and hungry I was.  Next, I passed the “1 mile to go” sign.  Either someone had played a cruel joke and moved this sign back 2 miles or maybe it just seemed like the longest mile I had ever run.  Add to that most of the last mile was uphill.  As exhaustion set in, my body wanted to quit but my mind wouldn’t let me.  I could finally see the exchange point in my sights and kicked it into high gear.  My teammates were there cheering for me as well as complete strangers and this provided the motivation I needed to make it the last few hundred feet.

I was now done, but as a team we still had a ways to go until the finish.  Runner #6 in our van had the daunting task of running up Torrey Pines, which was about 500 ft nearly straight up.  As we drove up the hill and our van had to kick in high gear, I thought to myself I am glad that is not me.  We arrived at Exchange #30 to meet up with our other van of teammates.  They would run the final 41.6 miles from La Jolla to Coronado.  As we pulled up to Torrey Pines, there was once again quite a few runners laid out on the hill catching some much needed sleep before their final run.  We passed the slap bracelet runner #7 in Van 2 and headed to get some food.  Luckily we had a local in the car so he took us to Santana’s for what seemed like the best chicken burrito I have ever had.

While heading out to meet up for Van 2 to cheer on our teammates on their last run, we get a call from an unknown number.   It was one of the race chaperones calling to say that one of our vans had been spotted driving erratically.  It  turns out there was a lot of traffic and our driver was just making sure he got there before our runner did.  Luckily this was just a friendly warning and didn’t count as a strike against us.  If you get three strikes, you are disqualified from the race.

Ragnar Van 1 or Locker 1

After meeting up with our teammates at Mission Bay to cheer on one of or runners, we headed to the finish line at Coronado.  As part of the registration fee, we were entitled to one free beer so we headed straight to the beer garden to redeem our coupon.  The atmosphere was unlike any I had ever seen.  I had never seen so many jubilant, yet exhausted people in my life.  This was quite the party!  After a couple of beers, we headed to the finish line where we would meet up with runner #12 and all cross the finish line together.  Hundreds of people from other teams and a few friends lined the area to cheer us on.  What an awesome feeling!  Once we crossed the finish line, we were awarded a medal that can also be used as a bottle opener.

Overall we finished in 30 hours 59 minutes and 46 seconds.  This was good enough for 35th place out of 197 teams in our group.  Had it not been for 3 bad exchanges where we were late picking up a teammate, we would have placed in the top 25.  Not bad for a rookie team.  However, the fun times we had cannot be measured with a stopwatch.  It turns out our team name “We don’t Run For Fun” was a misnomer because we all had a blast.  To top it all off, we raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We are already planning our next one from San Francisco to Napa in September.

For more information, go to www.ragnarrelay.com Registration will be open soon for 2012!  Who’s in?

"We Don't Run for Fun"

H.B. Marathon

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Before the Big Super Bowl Game


(2010)  Over 20,000 each year participate in the 5k, half-marathon and full marathon early morning which  coincidentally falls upon Super Bowl Sunday.   Great reason to indulge in the nachos, pizza and all the fried happiness without any guilt.