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Kudler’s SDLC

Five Main Characteristic for Software Development Life Cycle
 Implementation for New Kudler's new information system. One week per SDLC phase. ( 5 weeks total )
1. Systems planning and selection
2. Systems analysis
3. Systems design
4. Systems implementation and operation
5. Systems maintenance

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Phase 1.

that it can work on only a limited number of projects at a given time because of limited
resources, an organization must take care that only those projects that are critical to
enabling the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives are undertaken.

Phase 2.
One purpose of the
systems analysis phase is for designers to gain a thorough understanding of an organization’s current
way of doing things in the area for which the new information system will be constructed. The
process of conducting an analysis requires that many tasks, or subphases, be performed.
Phase 3. 
As its name implies, it is during
this phase that the proposed system is designed; that is, the details of the chosen approach are
elaborated. As with analysis, many different activities must occur during systems design. The
elements that must be designed when building an information system include the following:
 Human–computer interface
 Databases and files
 Processing and logic
Phase 4.
These activities include software programming and testing. A second
group of activities focuses on preparing the organization for using the new information system.
These activities include system conversion, documentation, user training, and support. This
section briefly describes what occurs during systems implementation.
Phase 5.
one person within the systems development group is responsible for collecting
maintenance requests from system users. Periodically, these requests are analyzed to
evaluate how a proposed change might alter the system and what business benefits might result
from such a change. ( Meaning final approval from Kathy Kudler )

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