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Best Practices

1. Action planning is writing down all the action steps need to for implementation and assign individuals to those certain tasks. Each individual assigned to the certain task will be required to give an exact deadline for every project assigned to him or her. In return, Kathy Kudler will be aware not only how many task, but how long each task will take to be accomplished.

2. Organizations Structure is individuals assigned to the task. He or she will have honest and constructive feedback if strategies are appropriately effective. For example, an experience manager who knows the operations should have basic knowledge where to properly place a series of computers and to the complex how social media has presents in that particular store.

3. Human Resource Factors is actually the Human Resources department (HR), which helps implement those tasks. For example, the HR department can answer questions about how much time employees need for the transition. Also, consider organizational communication needs with departments. (Bakery, Meats, Wine, Produce, Cheese and Dairy)

4. The Annual Business Plan is funding projects. This may fall into over-time to study the new materials, buying software and other items to properly execute these projects. Also, agree what financial requirements for the early stages of implementation. This can eliminate any surprise down the road and have full transparency what is paid up front.

5. Monitoring & Control contains executives or higher ranked managers over-seeing time control of each project on the required date. They can also grant an extend time for any project deems fit to have more attention. For example, If a study finds having a personal video training aid would better connection with staff, then executive can push for an extension for personalized video aid.

6. Linkage – The Foundation for everything else is making sure all five steps are working and properly meshed together. For example, Kathy Kudler will have clear objectives for the stores to grow and able to give clarification to all senior management.

These strategies will help Kudler Fine Foods organize the overall approach to implement an effect information system implementation. It will also create an organized system to keep management on a timeline to follow.

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