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Gastronome – gas·tro·nome (g s tr -n m ) also gas·tron·o·mer (g -str n -m r). n.

a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

I see Kola in my beer….

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Koala in my beer / all rights reserved flipflopsneeded


I poured a large Karin beer into my glass cup and this picture came out of it. I believe it’s a sign for me to buy a Koala or visit my cousins from down-under soon.

9.99 problems and a B*tch ain’t one

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9.99 problems and a b*tch ain't 1!

As you may acknowledge I love finding great deals for my viewers, however, some deals should be left alone like Osama’s dead body.  It was about a week ago when RunnersHigh sent me a text message that McDonalds had posted 50 pc Chicken McNuggets for $9.99.  I instantly joked what type of person might be needed to eat this: Joey Chestnut’s stomach or Andre the Giant’s asshole.  I thought and thought how can anyone sit down and accomplish this feat?  Then I got an ah-ha moment…

Yes, my dear viewers I definitely had to do it and plus it made my girlfriend irritated.

RunnersHigh accompanied me to document this grotesque event:


The first 10 came down faster than Charlie Sheens catch phrase “Winning”

Then the second batch of 10 soon followed with a couple of sips of iced tea.  A shameful feeling rushed my head but it was too late to turn back now.

Mc Sauce experience

I take the 3rd batch and drown each nugget size with a good helping of sweet and sour (my go to), BBQ, Hot mustard, tangy honey mustard, spicy buffalo (not a fan), Chipotle BBQ and creamy ranch (not too bad but they have to chill it).  Once again the sensation of shame – shame –shame!

Onto fourth batch and I see a fly hovering over my Chicken McNuggets (no lie); Maybe a foreshadowing on what will come after this. The taste of each piece is producing one flavor: Breading!  No matter how much sauce I used, it still tasted mono-flavorful.


Immediately I felt like puking and never felt so sick in my life.  My body felt like it was in pain.  A weird headache pulsating behind my head and sauce-like sweat came out of my pores.   I knew I had to quit at 40.


Sorry my faithful viewers this was a failed mission and for those who might want to accomplish this horrible act, here’s the information what I just put into my body.


2350 Calories of McNuggets

4500 mg of salt

I’m not even including the mass liquid of sauces, so lets assume additional 5000 calories.

Press Play to View:




JetBlue preFlight Happiness

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Aren’t you fed-up with increasing high food rates at the airport?  If not… you’re most likely a trust fund baby or never flew on a airplane.  I recently flew on JetBlue (Long Beach airport) to NYC and before our flight we wanted to grab a bite to eat.  We drove along side Bellflower and Carson to come across a great find.  El Burrito Grill – Long Beach, CA.

I won’t bore you with adjectives but this simple fact.  A place that offers a breakfast burrito any time of the hour is awesome!

Last, Special “G”, bean and cheese burrito (very generous size), 1 taco and a drink for $5.

*side note: I ordered a burrito and drink which cost more on a la cart but the gentlemen on the counter suggested special “G” to save me some $$$. Always a  great sign.


Both of our meals ended up under $15, and they also gave us a huge portion of chips and salsa!!!
























G special very recommended

Haus of Pizza: $25 Gift Certificate – $10.00

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Haus of Pizza

The “Original House of Pizza” was started in Long Beach in 1974. Hilde is German and after about a year, our clientele thought it would be a good idea to change the spelling of “House” to the German spelling “HAUS”. Both words are pronounced the same so why not. When it came to making a logo, the Haus became a castle. Then one of my engineering buddies liked the circle idea over the castle, we added some stars which later became four, one for each member of the family. The “Haus”, in Long Beach was taken over by the city under the right of eminent domain and we were forced to move. Best thing that ever happened to us, because we found this location in January of 1981. We couldn’t have a better clientele. We thank you for making our business a success.

Haus of Pizza

Buy a $25 Gift Certificate for $10.00


45 Years and still rocking

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It’s a good-tempered Sunday afternoon having lunch with my family to celebrate my parents’ 45yrs of marriage. Wow!  As I sat down looking around I noticed the traditional Chinese round brown table, staff in black and white uniforms, that ever so familiar orange rice container and the Kimchi… wait what? Kimchi? Isn’t that Korean food? I guess this was a fusion Chinese & Korean establishment.  Also, rated the top Chinese restaurant in southern California according to my sister and mother but their sources differ from CNN or some friend of a friend’s cousin down the street.


Now, here’s the situation: If my brother, who moved to NYC, had been present I would have gone the sweet and sour pork route.  He wasn’t there so I had to make a decision on something else.  I’m not sure when that tradition started but my comfort zone at any new Chinese restaurant is sweet and sour pork.  My parents and sister had no hesitation: chop suey, garlic shrimp, chow mein, fried duck and my girlfriend ordered sweet and sour shrimp.  You’re probably thinking – isn’t that enough food? Not my family… my family loves taking leftovers back home and having a round two as soon as they enter their door.  Okay – I’m still at that dilemma and worst the waitress looks at me waiting for any word.  I froze… ah ah ah I’ll take the roasted fish… She smiled and suggested the halibut fillets.  (Rule of thumb – always ask what’s good if you’re not sure.)  I replied with an unsure look on my face – okay.


The waitress had left to fill our orders, I noticed around the other tables how huge the portion came and what other foods to order beside the typical sweet and sour / chow mein dish.  The person next to me had boiled dumplings and some steamed buns and assorted meats.  I instantly was envious and felt like I was invited to this party last minute.  The only thing to keep my emotions up was seeing my parents happy and enjoying taking stabs at me about getting married.  Something about seeing two people enjoying each other’s company for that long softens my irrational food thoughts.


When we received all our plates, it took 85% of table space to fit all of them it.  It resembled a Tetris ordeal trying to fit each dish in a certain position.  The vegetable in the chow mein tasted fresh and my halibut was moist and amazing.  Overall – I’m definitely coming back to this place with some research on what food to order.  Hot pots or their black bean noodle…???

Peking Gourmet

9092 Garden Grove Blvd # A
Garden Grove, CA 92844-1381
(714) 539-5301

Sunny Day’s

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Local eatery in Newport Beach, CA

Having an odd season for weather and waves in southern California  I find myself with a good friend visiting from New York having lunch.  He suggested a place with a nice cold beer, a fresh green salad mixed with some chicken and a side of steamed dumplings.

HoSum BISTRo located:


When you mix great food and great conversation makes anyone second guess why they would move anywhere else. ( sorry Anthony ) =)