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Stoked: as Urban Dictionary states: is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. ( for my non-cali audience )

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Broke: if you live in this economy you know very well what that means.


Stoked and Broke

Can you imagine trolling around with a make-shift rickshaw filled with surfboards, camping gear, and bare necessities, all while the sun is beaming down your back and the surf is a flip flop’s throw away?  Yes – Cyrus Sutton and Ryan Burch manage 30 miles on foot, not down the coast of Costa Rica, Australia or South Africa, but through their own back yard – San Diego, California.


(Spoiler) The twist is: They’re both broke and find inventive ways to support their travel, from selling legal herbs to selling hand-made t-shirts.


This isn’t the typical surf movie with the huge waves, punk rock music, and the ever-so-present size 1 bikini babes surrounding the “surfer”.


It’s more than that. I mean much more… The film being 58 mins (not a spoiler) was comparable to any emotional roller coaster you could have in a two-hour feature.  Forget the main storyline,  the sub-story line showcases while having the time of your life there is a price to pay.  For instance, Steve Ferguson, a knee boarder, who lives in his VW van, is weary on where to park every night. He finds himself very stoked on surfing at the right time but reality hits hard seeing any bright future ahead of him.  It’s a dialy battle whether or not to spend food money because it could cost him the next time around.  That’s where the movie took a turning point. As Cyrus narrates, “Hearing Steve’s life showed me there is a limit to the vacation.”


Yes, you’ll have the incredible scene at Black’s Beach and the endless skills Ryan Burch showcases with a foam board.   But don’t under estimate Cyrus’ humble description of his own style of surfing. Let me say… “The only reason why I started surfing was seeing Cyrus surf”.


No more spoilers… I can mention another heart felt storyline but you’d have to buy a ticket and watch the movie.


Thank you Newport Beach Film Festival for showcasing this one of a kind movie and to Leslie Feibleman for hosting and the passes.  ( the perks for being a writer )


Flipflopsneeded with Leslie Feibleman

Leslie Feibleman (Lt) and Flipflopsneeded (Rt) at 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival



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