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Gladiator Rock n Run

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Here’s are some pictures of the insane / fun workouts “Flipflopsneeded and me ( RunnersHigh ) accomplish this past weekend.

Dan “Nitro” Clark hosted the “Gladiator” workouts in Innovative Results gym located in Costa Mesa.


Hosted by Nitro

Innovative Results gym in costa mesa

Gladiator workout

Great Gym at Innovative Results , Costa Mesa










Before The Storm

Our Group Stage 1 out of 5

Outside Innovative Result Gym

RunnersHigh showing off









Flipsflopsneeded attempthing

"how not to..." I hear Flipflopsneeded saying

Tire and push exercise

push up and smiles all the way for RunnersHigh









Tire Exercise

Exercise knife fight at Innovative Results

Our Group of 10









Flipflopsneeded needed taking a break with fellow group member.

Team member taking a break with Flipflopsneeded









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