Featured Artist: Holly Wojahn

Holly Wojahn / Writer & Artist

Holly Wojahn was born into a family where artistic talents were recognized early, and encouraged. Even as a child, Holly believed she’d realize her dream of making art, in some form, her vocation.

For over two decades, that has been the case. Holly has had her original works in oil on canvas represented by galleries in the USA, Japan, Canada, and France. Seventeen years ago, Holly moved with her three children to Paris, France, in an effort to expand her children’s cultural horizons, and her own horizons artistically speaking. After several years of having her art licensed in the USA by manufacturers of gift and tabletop products, who used her images on a variety of commercially produced items, Holly chose to refocus on the Fine Art aspect of her career. Galerie Breheret, an established gallery renowned for having represented the works of artists such as Picasso, and Chagall, accepted Holly’s work, and has represented her paintings in Paris exclusively, since. The aesthetics of France; its people, everyday cafe scenes, and particularly the colorful towns along the Mediterranean, remain an important influence in Holly’s work.

Holly recently released a Children’s Book, entitled, “Bon Bon, Voyage”, which she illustrated, and co-authored with her daughter, Kirby. The two are preparing to release their second book, ” That Hat’s Fedorable”. In the meantime, Holly continues to paint, dividing her time between southern California, and the south of France.


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