Boots vs Pink

Am I crazy for wanting something so bad I want to run into the store and declare victory?  Hot pink patent peep toes with a 5” cork heel!  Crazy?  I think not!!

Like me, most women are probably in the same clunky shoes we wore last year with no options.  (see my boots below)

Boots vs Pink


Plus, these ones are pink, not the “always practical” black.  Boo black!  These shoes make me wanna dance around in a cute spring dress and dye Easter eggs while sipping a grapefruit Cosmo.

Thoughts in head: “Buy them!  Who cares if you can’t afford groceries next week?  Summer’s coming and Top Ramen sounds good right about now!”

Say to boyfriend:  “Babe, aren’t these shoes so cute?  They would look soooo good on me.”

Boyfriend:  “You know you can’t buy those right now; we’re saving money.”

Thoughts in head: “He doesn’t understand.  Men need shoes to cover their feet.  Women need them to feel beautiful and fun.”

Every other day I might seem like the most practical person out there.  I drive a Camry, I don’t buy designer clothes, and my gym clothes are hella faded.  I deserve this!  Right?

Saving money just seems so impractical when things like this just fall out of the blue and capture your attention.  I want these shoes because I will feel flirty and fun in them, carefree, and all the other girls will be envious of my pink sexy feet.  Muahahahahaha (evil laugh)

Cry with me ladies!

-Pink Vixen

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