9.99 problems and a B*tch ain’t one

9.99 problems and a b*tch ain't 1!

As you may acknowledge I love finding great deals for my viewers, however, some deals should be left alone like Osama’s dead body.  It was about a week ago when RunnersHigh sent me a text message that McDonalds had posted 50 pc Chicken McNuggets for $9.99.  I instantly joked what type of person might be needed to eat this: Joey Chestnut’s stomach or Andre the Giant’s asshole.  I thought and thought how can anyone sit down and accomplish this feat?  Then I got an ah-ha moment…

Yes, my dear viewers I definitely had to do it and plus it made my girlfriend irritated.

RunnersHigh accompanied me to document this grotesque event:


The first 10 came down faster than Charlie Sheens catch phrase “Winning”

Then the second batch of 10 soon followed with a couple of sips of iced tea.  A shameful feeling rushed my head but it was too late to turn back now.

Mc Sauce experience

I take the 3rd batch and drown each nugget size with a good helping of sweet and sour (my go to), BBQ, Hot mustard, tangy honey mustard, spicy buffalo (not a fan), Chipotle BBQ and creamy ranch (not too bad but they have to chill it).  Once again the sensation of shame – shame –shame!

Onto fourth batch and I see a fly hovering over my Chicken McNuggets (no lie); Maybe a foreshadowing on what will come after this. The taste of each piece is producing one flavor: Breading!  No matter how much sauce I used, it still tasted mono-flavorful.


Immediately I felt like puking and never felt so sick in my life.  My body felt like it was in pain.  A weird headache pulsating behind my head and sauce-like sweat came out of my pores.   I knew I had to quit at 40.


Sorry my faithful viewers this was a failed mission and for those who might want to accomplish this horrible act, here’s the information what I just put into my body.


2350 Calories of McNuggets

4500 mg of salt

I’m not even including the mass liquid of sauces, so lets assume additional 5000 calories.

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