JetBlue preFlight Happiness

Aren’t you fed-up with increasing high food rates at the airport?  If not… you’re most likely a trust fund baby or never flew on a airplane.  I recently flew on JetBlue (Long Beach airport) to NYC and before our flight we wanted to grab a bite to eat.  We drove along side Bellflower and Carson to come across a great find.  El Burrito Grill – Long Beach, CA.

I won’t bore you with adjectives but this simple fact.  A place that offers a breakfast burrito any time of the hour is awesome!

Last, Special “G”, bean and cheese burrito (very generous size), 1 taco and a drink for $5.

*side note: I ordered a burrito and drink which cost more on a la cart but the gentlemen on the counter suggested special “G” to save me some $$$. Always a  great sign.


Both of our meals ended up under $15, and they also gave us a huge portion of chips and salsa!!!
























G special very recommended

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