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RA me all week long!

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Ra Yoga schedule

Wow. What. An.  Amazing. Workout!  Put your misconceptions and judgments aside please because last night I tried something I’ve never ever tried before: hot yoga.  I decided to try it after attending a grand opening for Ra Yoga Studio in Costa Mesa.  My boyfriend heard about the opening through the grapevine so we went to check it out.  Fantastic place, wonderful setup, extremely nice people!  Since they had just opened, they were offering one free week of classes for newcomers.  Yippee!  So last night, I skipped my traditional spin class at the gym and decided to try it.

Ra Yoga Shoe Rack


When you first walk into the room it’s a little intimidating since it’s so warm in there and a little uncomfortable.  However, the mood quickly changed when Jenny began the class.  Concentrating on your breath and letting the movements “flow like the ocean” (Jenny’s words)    seem more effortless in the heated room.  We went through the poses and stretched and sweated.  And sweated.  And sweated.  Sometime during the middle of class I was sweating so intensely I thought there couldn’t be much left….but the longer it went on the stronger I felt and the harder I pushed myself to keep going.   Jenny talks you through the poses, some I had never done in the yoga classes at the gym (just not the same).

Funny thing how the body and mind work together!

Although the sweating made me slip and slide a little on my yoga mat, afterwards I felt refreshed and clean.  I was more relaxed than I’ve ever been before and I got a great night’s sleep that night as well.

I seriously cannot wait to take another class; I was encouraged by Jenny to enjoy myself and take different instructors and different classes.

Oh don’t you worry; I’m definitely coming back.


Forget the battle with boyfriend about hot pink heels; I think this time my mind, body and soul are worth every single Top Ramen noodle we eat next week.

Peace Love and Harmony to you all.


Ra Yoga 3077 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (888) 499-0372

















-Pink Vixen

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